Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Aaron Johnson was born on July 23 of 1988 in Angelica, the capital of the Angel's Republic. His mother died during childbirth. He fell into a gang called the Bouncers in 1998 after his father was wrongly accused and executed for selling weapons to the Maverick Pact during the First Californian War.

Aaron became best friends with Dennis Baker while in the Bouncers gang, who was six years older than him. The Bouncers trained Aaron to fight. The Angelica Police Department was expanded in 1999 by an executive order from President Calvert, and began to crack down on gangs throughout Angelica. By 2002, the police retrieved the names of almost everyone in the Bouncers, and successfully ran the gang out of Angelica. Aaron and Dennis moved to Vegas, Mojave and became involved with the Locatelli Family. The two, especially Dennis, did all sorts of jobs with the mafia.

In 2005, the mafia picked up a rumor about an ancient Native American statue (La Estatua del Rey Matias). Aaron and Dennis (amongst others) were selected to search for the statue in Nueva Sonora. Aaron and Dennis thought the job was stupid, and after Mojave was invaded by the Arizonan Empire in February of 2006, the two abandoned the mission and bought a house and stayed in Hermosillo, Nueva Sonora.

Dennis had a child named Michael with a woman he met in Vegas (who went with them to Nueva Sonora). Michael Baker was born in March of 2007, and immediately after, his mother left them. In June of the same year, the Angel's Republic Bureau of Criminal Investigation found Aaron Johnson and Dennis Baker (who were both on their wanted list for working with the Bouncers and Marmos). Their house was raided. Dennis insisted that Aaron run and take Michael child away. Dennis was killed that night, and Aaron, unable to take care of his best friend's baby, took Michael to a prestigious orphanage in Port Calvert.

Moving East Edit

After his home was raided in Hermosillo, Aaron realized he could not longer live in the Angel's Republic, which he believed had become oppressive. He considered moving to East Cascadia, but decided against it because of the aggressive politics there, as well as the fact that he would have to travel through a war zone to get there. So Aaron decided instead to explore east.

Aaron became a traveling mercenary until he got to New Orleans. As Aaron moved through Texas he learned about the New Confederate States, and that some of those states allowed slavery. When he got to New Orleans in November of 2007, he heard rumors of the Second Underground Railroad. Soon, he found the organization and joined to free slaves from the oppression in the New Confederate States.

Order of the Dust Edit

In late 2009, Aaron heard of the Order of the Dust, an organization that destroys tyrannical regimes all across the wasteland. Aaron traveled to Boston and joined the Order in the middle of 2010. Aaron showed outstanding performance as a soldier, and joined the Knight Corps before the end of the year.

Providence Massacre Edit

As Head Knight, Aaron led his own squad of elite knights. When the FRNP-Order War began, Aaron led that squad through FRNP territory. In 2015, Baron Keptel Smith ordered Aaron to lead his squad into the New Providence slave market and kill everyone there and free the slaves. Smith believed this order would make a statement to the wasteland that the Order had zero tolerance for slavery. What resulted was a terrible massacre, killing many innocent people including a few slaves caught in the cross fire. The event would gain massive infamy for the Order.

To save himself from the heat, Baron Smith pinned the Providence Massacre on Aaron Johnson and Commander of the Order Paul Jackson and fired and exiled the two. They became known as the men who orchestrated the killing of tons of innocent people. So Aaron decided to start going back west.

Returning West Edit

Aaronot rejoined the Second Underground Railroad in 2017 and worked with them again until 2023 when he heard about how bad tensions were between the states of the Angel's Republic. While Aaron was visiting Texas, he managed to get his hands on a newspaper from California. The paper explained the tensions in the Angel's Republic, and Aaron believed there would soon be a civil war in the country. He felt inclined to fight for a rebellion in the Republic, so he moved to the State of Nevada. Aaron met George Robertson and Edward Fairchild during the 2024 presidential election, and voted for Fairchild after Robertson's assassination. He believed Fairchild was the Republic's last hope to save itself from tyranny and corruption.

Soon after Aaron voted and Fairchild lost to Kent Kingsley, he was found and captured by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and sent to Folsom Federal Prison near Sacramento, Maverick. Some media reported that Aaron was imprisoned to avoid future competition to the Democratic Party, which stirred up even more controversy around the Election of 2024.

California Civil War Edit

In early 2025, the several states seceded from the Angel's Republic (secession itself being a topic of debate). The Confederate Republic of California and Mexico was founded and Edward Fairchild was elected their president. The State of Maverick's secession referendum was disputed with about a 50% from both sides. The rebellion believed Maverick was to secede. The Rebel Army surroundeded the state house in Sacramento because the governor refused to recognize the secession, and the Folsom Federal Prison, demanding the recognition of Maverick's secession (as well as federal recognition for the other states' secession) and the release and pardon of Aaron Johnson. The rebellion warned President Kent Kingsley that if he didn't recognize their secession and Maverick's secession and leave them alone, that they would kill the governor of Maverick and attack Folsom Federal Prison. Kingsley sent federal troops and special agents to get rebel forces out of Maverick and save the governor. The rebels responded by doing exactly what they said they would do: they killed the governor of Maverick and attacked Folsom Prison, freeing Aaron Johnson and making him Chief Colonel to General-in-Chief Robert Babineaux.

Babineaux ordered Aaron to begin his work as Chief Colonel by taking command of the rebel forces in Maverick. Aaron advised President Fairchild not to make an alliance with the Constantine Empire, to no avail.

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