Born to famed founding father and diplomat for the Angels Republic, Jonathan Mason, Abigail Mason was in the public eye from birth. From ages 15 to 20 she led a successful acting career. Much to the disdain of her father, she quit acting to explore the world and live a life of adventure. In 2024, she met Parker Matthews in the state of Maverick. The two would become a famous romantic couple, and would marry in 2028. The two went on many adventures together. She kept her last name because she was so well known, and proud of her father. However, when she entered politics, critics of her and her father would often call her President Matthews, as they didn't believe the name was worthy of keeping.

In 2038, Mason decided she wanted to use her fame and background to be elected President of the Angels Republic; she wanted to be a leader. She successfully ran for the presidency in 2040. Many would criticize her for being an unprofessional president, with virtually no political experience at all. She supported civil rights in a time of brewing hatred, and the economy and military remained strong under her leadership, despite contradicting statements made by her critics. Her husband, Parker Matthews, would become a sort of bodyguard for her. In one incident in 2043, which would be fabled following the rule of Adrian Calvert, he would protect her from a group of Nationalist-supporting assassins when exiting a theater in Hollywood.

In 2044, President Mason was immensely disappointed to see that Congress had passed a resolution to remove presidential term limits, which she knew Adrian Calvert would exploit in order to assume control for an extended period of time. In 2047, she was captured by the NPF, and was to be executed, but she made her crafty escape and returned to hiding with her husband. She and her husband played a hand in the 2054 coup against Adrian Calvert, led by Johnathon Alexander.

Legacy Edit

At the time of her presidency, Abigail Mason was extremely unpopular. However, shortly after the coup that removed Adrian Calvert from power, she was regarded by many as one of the republic's best presidents. Tales of her and her husband's adventures echo through time, and the many of the plays and films she starred in were considered classics.