The Angel’s Republic (also called the Union of California or simply California) is a democratic republic that exists on the west coast of North America. This country is heavily based on the United States, with a goal of reviving democracy.

History Edit

Angelican War and Beginnings Edit

Following World War III, Los Angeles, California was split into several different factions. One such faction was the Unionists, who wanted to unite the city under a democratic republic like the United States once was. Some of the wealthiest from before and after the war led this faction, and they wanted to see their home return to the old ways.

The raider gang called the Rattlesnakes saw these aspirations as a threat to their interests, and attacked the Unionists in November of 1974. Coalitions between factions sprung up, and the Angelican War began.

As victory appeared apparent for the Unionists, seven different men convened in the old Pantages Theater (which would later become part of the Capitol Building where the Angel's Republic Congress would meet) on February 15, 1977. These men were James Hathaway, Andrew Wayne, Jonathan Mason, Howard Clinton, Roy E. Disney, Frank Sinatra, and Hugh Hefner. They drafted the first constitution of the Angel's Republic, the Anglican Papers, and declared a new nation in the ruins of Los Angeles. Months later, the Unionists won the war.

CANTA and the Californian Unification Treaty Edit

Just before the Angelican War ended, the Angelican Assembly voted to join the California and Nevada Trade Agreement. They would become a strong member of CANTA, with several industries including entertainment, fishing, firearm manufacturing, and others.

James Hathaway, the President of the Angelican Assembly, and his close friend in the Assembly, Andrew Wayne, wrote a proposition to CANTA that all members join as one federal nation. The Angelican Assembly approved the proposition to be proposed to CANTA. Jonathan Mason traveled to Sacramento and proposed it. Versago, Tilden, Riverland, and San Diego accepted and joined the Angel's Republic, the rest refused.

A new constitution was written, which would suit the larger nation that unification would bring. It was very similar to the United States Constitution. This constitution, like the first, was written and approved on February 15 in 1981. On April 8, 1981, the Californian Unification Treaty took full effect, and the southern half of California was unified under the Angel's Republic. Campaigning began for the first election scheduled for November 1, for Congress and President. James Hathaway was elected with no opposition, and the new government was officially set up beginning in the next year.

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