The Anglo-French Federation was founded in 1977, with its capital in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

In 1967, L. Ron Hubbard began work on a network of ships that could get him across the Atlantic Ocean, from England to America. When Hubbard got to America, he abandoned the project. His partner in this project, David Wilkinson, continued and expanded the project, founding the Atlantic Trade and Transportation Company. The company made constant trips across the English Channel to trade with the relatively prosperous settlements along the northern coast of France.

Wilkinson offered an economic union between the southern English settlements and northern French settlements in 1973 in order to make trade easier. In 1974, Wilkinson established the Portsmouth Council, in which representatives would convene to make trade agreements and other types of agreements with each other.

In 1977, the Portsmouth Council agreed to set up a full union between the settlements, carved the land into several provinces, and wrote a constitution. There would be a Parliament consisting of two houses: the Senate and House of Representatives. There would be a King/Queen and a Prime Minister. The Senate would consist of 3 Senators from each province nominated by the King and approved of by the Prime Minister, usually the wealthiest of each province. The House of Representatives would consist of a certain number of elected officials from each province, based on the population of their respective provinces.The King would be a hereditary position, David Wilkinson being the first. The King would be Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and could veto bills passed through Parliament. The Prime Minister would be democratically elected and would handle foreign relations as well as relations between provinces and would advise the King.

The following provinces made up this federation: Hampshire, Dorset, Wight, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Lower Normandy, Upper Normandy, and Picardy.

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