Background Edit

Expansion Edit

When Michael Calvert was elected the second President of the Union in 1995, the Union saw rapid territorial expansion over the next 10 years of his presidency. By the end of the presidency, Baja, Nueva Sonora, Condecoración, Maverick, and Mojave were added as states to the Union. Calvert left some tensions behind when Oliver Adams was elected in 2005, with the Republics of Cisco and Nevada. The Second Californian Conflict began in 2009. At the end of the conflict in 2017, the Union conquered Cisco, Nevada, and Hidalgo (Shoshoni tribal land). These three territories were made states in 2020.

Breckenridge and Kingsley Edit

In 2019, Ron Breckenridge was elected president. He was often considered the worst president by the Democratic and Adaption Parties for his federal funding of state militias in states which later seceded without the consent of the Senate.

2024 was the first year the two major candidates were Democratic and Independence candidates. Kent Kingsley ran as a Democrat and George Robertson as the Independence candidate. A month before the election, Robertson was assassinated and his running mate/to-be vice president, Edward Fairchild took over the election. Many Independence supporters accused Kingsley of his assassination. When Kingsley won and was inaugurated in 2025, many protested for a second count of the votes, which they didn't get.

Mexican Revolution Edit

In May of 2025, Baja, Nueva Sonora, and Condecoración held referenda to secede from the Union. Nueva Sonora and Condecoración seceded and formed the Nueva Confederación Mexicana and built up defenses in case of Union invasion. This was called the Mexican Revolution.

Rebel State Alliance Edit

In July of 2025, four more states seceded: Cisco, Nevada, Hidalgo, and Mojave. These states had a meeting with the two leaders of the Nueva Confederación Mexicana to form a temporary alliance to protect each other from Union forces.

Manpower and Casualties Edit

2025 Edit

In 2024, the Union Army had about 210,000 military personnel. By the time each rebel state seceded this number shrunk to about 147,000 as many of these people joined the rebellion. Throughout 2025, 14,000 men joined the military through draft and volunteering. 12,000 men died this year. By the end of the year, the Union manpower was 151,000.

The rebellion started 2025 with about 119,000 men. Through the year 22,000 men joined the Rebel Army. 9,000 men died this year. By the end of year, rebel manpower was 132,000.

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