Capitol Square is a location in the Hollywood District of Angel City, and considered a national landmark to the Angels Republic. It is located between Hollywood Boulevard, Vine Street, Sunset Boulevard, and Cahuenga Boulevard. Capitol Square itself contains the Capitol Building, meeting place of both houses of the Angels Republic Congress, the Supreme Court building, some executive office buildings, and a large park in the middle. Traveling west down Sunset Boulevard will take one to the Sunset House, the residence of the acting President of the Angels Republic.

James Hathaway ordered the construction of Capitol Square in 1981, intending it to be the location of a new and spectacular Capitol Building, Supreme Court building, other government buildings, and a beautiful park between it all. The project was finally completed in 1992, and would open for use in January of 1993.

Many statues of people have come and gone in Capitol Square. The following are those who have been honored with a statue in the square, and the years the statue had been there.

  • James Hathaway, 1st President of the Angels Republic and general who unified Angel City and southern California (1993- )
  • Andrew Wayne, 1st Vice President of the Angels Republic and founding father (1998- )
  • Jonathan Mason, 1st and 3rd Secretary of State of the Angels Republic and achieved diplomat and founding father (1998- )
  • Michael Calvert, 2nd President of the Angels Republic (2010-2064)
  • Oliver Adams, 3rd President of the Angels Republic (2010- )
  • Adrian Calvert, 12th President of the Angels Republic (2045-2054)
  • Johnathon Alexander, famed general who led the coup against the tyrant President Adrian Calvert (2064- )