Chelsea is a small city in the northern part of the Boston metropolitan area.

After the war, about 340 people in Chelsea survived. In the 1980s, a strange new ideology took full influence over the town. The people of Chelsea were heavily oppressed until 2001. In 2000, Walton invaded all other major settlements in Boston. Those settlements stood together, founded the Boston Pact, and destroyed the regime in a matter of months. The Order of the Dust was founded in order to help the people of Chelsea survive. After a couple years, the Order seperated from Chelsea and Chelsea was left to its politics. In 2024, those politics became too much to resolve peacefully, and the country fought a civil war to preserve the freedom of the Chelsean people.

History Edit

Post-Hot War Edit

The buildings in Chelsea, a small declining town in Massachusetts before the war, suffered more than in most cities due to the "rag shop district" where streets were cluttered with combustible items from junk shops. The fire also destroyed nearby communities Everett and Revere. When the survivors in Chelsea and the other communities in the area emerged from their shelters (mostly in 1972), they realized that they had to work together to rebuild America. Only about 340 people in Chelsea survived the war, but they quickly repopulated, and by 1984 the population was about 1475. The people of Chelsea lived peacefully towards each other. A government which consisted of 101 voted representatives held a caucus every three months to write, discuss, and pass laws if needed. Elections were held anytime a representative died. The "President" of the caucus only gave his vote if the vote came to a 50 - 50 tie.

Takeover Edit

In 1984, a large group of ex-raiders came into town to spread their ideology that people should always be happy or be killed. There was a lot of social unrest in the community at this time, as these ex-raiders were swaying representatives in the Chelsean government as well as citizens onto their side. A couple caucuses after this began, 57 representatives wanted the ideology to run the Chelsean government. After they passed legislation to be run by this ideology, the other 43 representatives were executed and replaced by sympathizers of the ideology without a vote from the people. William Walton replaced President Darion Newman as a Supreme Leader who could veto or simply pass any law written by the caucus, as well as write his own laws.

One caucus after another, Chelseans lost their rights. They lost their rights to leave the city. Laws putting legal restrictions on their emotions were passed, requiring that they would be happy in public, and if they were caught being unhappy they were executed. The tiny isolated country was very mysterious to the rest of the ruins of the Boston metropolitan area.

The army of Chelsea kept growing. Children the age of 13 were often forced into the military for rapid military growth. They planned to spread their ideology all over the world, starting with Boston. By the year 2000, about 5000 Chelseans were in the military, about 1500 of them being under the age of 18. Thousands of masks with smiling faces on them were produced for these soldiers.

Bostonian War Edit

In December of 2000, Chelsea attacked the Common, Fenway City, and New Cambridge simultaneously. The attacks were repelled, but these settlements, especially the Common, were damaged. The three small countries banded together and took the fight to Chelsea. After about four months of fighting and cunning planning, the oppressive Chelsean government was completely destroyed.

Post-Bostonian War Edit

Order of the Dust Edit

When the Chelsean government was destroyed, the people had nothing. No food, water, defense, or leadership. They were extremely vulnerable. A soldier from Fenway City, Robert Sharp, decided to get some other Bostonians together and help the Chelsean people. For a couple years, Chelsea was under control of the Order of the Dust. In 2003, Chelsea no longer needed the Order's assistance. The Order then reevaluated their goals to seek out and destroy destructive and tyrannical governments.

New Government and Society Edit

The Order of the Dust helped Chelsea re-calibrate the government. One trusted and elected president would be the primary representative of the nation. He may propose laws, war, and other actions to Congress and he is the commander-in-chief of the Chelsean army. Congress convenes once every three months and consists of 100 elected congressmen and an elected President of Congress who votes if the vote is split. The President of Congress can also veto an act with permission of the wise elected "Elder of Chelsea" and his 4 other elders.

Chelseans were happy to be liberated from the government that forced them to be happy. Everyone acted kindly to each other, and they would always be thankful and the ally of the Order of the Dust. Society in Chelsea was much improved by the results of the Bostonian War.