Chelsea is a settlement based what was once Chelsea, Massachusetts, near Boston. From 1980 to 2001, the nation suffered from the regime of William Walton, a former raider gang leader who took over the town.

History Edit

Pre-Walton Edit

Around 1975, survivors living in Chelsea, Massachusetts and surrounding townships stuck together to survive. The survivors had no official government, but helped each other find and grow food and protect their territory.

Walton Regime Edit

In 1980, William Walton and his raider gang arrived in Chelsea, and simply took over. The raiders became the government of Chelsea. Walton began developing a cult of personality around himself, expanding his power greatly. He believed that free thought and free emotion would only cause issue for the society he wanted to shape. People were to express no negative thoughts or emotions regarding their fellow Chelseans. One thing Walton did to give national identity to his people, as well as remind people to express only positive emotion, was to scar people by cutting all citizens from the corners of the mouth upwards into the cheeks, showing a sort of forced smile. Newborn children were given these scars, making it an identifiable feature of anyone from the town during Walton's rule. Walton forced women to bear as many children as possible, which would later cause an issue of overpopulation.

Notes Edit

  • During Walton's rule, every citizen and newborn child were given scars along the mouth and cheeks to show a forced smile. In real life, it is known as the "Glasgow smile", known to originate in Glasgow, Scotland among street gangs. It also became popular in English street gangs, especially the Chelsea Headhunters. Because of this, the scarring is also known as the "Chelsea smile", even in real life.