The Church of the Preservation of Jesus Christ is a post-war Christian church which seeks to save the people of the wasteland from losing their touch with God. The church's followers are known as "Preservationists". Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas.

In 1968, Cotton Jones, a devout Christian (Baptist) from Lubbock, Texas, emerged from his family's fallout shelter. He quickly came to realize that he could no longer trust anyone he met. He began to worry that humanity had lost faith in God because of the tragedy of the Great War. He was determined to save Christianity from the brink of destruction, and so he gathered his family, and all the remaining faithful he could find nearby, and founded the Church of the Preservation of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the church worked tirelessly to increase its reach. Cotton Jones identified this expansion as the fourth "Great Awakening" in the Christian faith.

By the time of Jones' death in 2005, the church had expanded across the farthest reaches of North America. But after his death, the church fractured into many pieces, including the Church of Causer and the Church of Reclamation.

Nathan Claude Causer joined the church in 1988. In 2000, he tried to convince the Reverend operating in the New Phoenix area that he had a vision in which God informed him he was the Second Coming of Christ. The Reverend was appalled by Causer's claims, and had Causer ex-communicated from the church.