What is called the Constantine Empire is the empire of Maxwell Constantine.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona in the early morning on the day of the Hot War, his parents sacrificed themselves to allow their child to get into a fallout shelter. From the beginning of his time in the shelter, Max learned about God and the Christian Bible every day. In 1972, the shelter's inhabitants emerged to recolonize the city of Phoenix, and founded the city of New Phoenix.

In 1977, Max began to travel with the church he had grown up with, helping to spread the word of God through the wastes.

In the Hot War, the giant Indian Reservation of northeastern Arizona, Navajo Nation, was barely touched. Over many disagreements, the Navajo experienced the "Great Navajo Cataclysm" in 1965. One of the former Navajo tribes that were formed after the Cataclysm had attacked Max's group of preachers in 1978, and captured him. The tribe chose Max to train as a great tribal warrior. Max believed there was no convincing these heathens to convert to Christianity, but he knew that leaving the tribe would result in his death, so he caved into being trained for two years until he turned 18.(Max was the first white man to be allowed into this tribe, and it was a very controversial decision by recruiters to accept him). When the tribals turn 18, they are to complete an initiation rite that consists of spending 2 days in the desert with absolutely nothing, eating a white man's heart, swearing eternal loyalty to their pantheon of gods, and receiving a facial tattoo, marking them as a member of the tribe. On October 25, 1980, two days before his eighteenth birthday, Max was thrown into the desert with no clothes, food, or weapons. When he was allowed to return to finish his initiation he got back to the village. He watched a man's heart be carved out. He refused to eat it and went on a frenzy, killing many of the tribesmen before escaping.

After Max escaped the tribe, he became a Christian extremist, striking down all who refused to bow to "the Lord thy God and His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth". At the beginning of the Language Wars in 1994, between the Angel's Republic and the Mexican people, Max assisted the people of Arizona in the foundation of the Arizona Confederation, in opposition to the warmongering nation.

On January 1st of the year 2000, Maxwell Constantine claimed to have had a great "vision/realization". He was able to convince people of the following main doctrines and prophecies:

  • Maxwell Constantine is the one and only Christian God.
  • Constantine was born as an incarnation of God in order to reunify the world after the great disaster that was worldwide nuclear war.
  • Constantine will one day find the perfect woman to create the perfect child, who will rule over the land of the Angel's Republic specifically. He later will create more children to govern other parts of the world once it has been conquered.

The above ideas are compiled in Constantine's own compilation of books: the Third Testament. The compilation includes the Book of War, explaining the Hot War; the Book of Constantine, explaining Constantine's "reasons" for being on Earth and his life before the realization; and the Book of Pre-Revelation, focusing on what Constantine will do just before the events of Revelation.

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