The Delaware Republic was a confederal republic on the Delmarva Republic, formed from the union of the Sons of Liberty in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey and four tribes on the Delmarva Peninsula.

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

In March of 1974, a man named Adam Jensen in Philadelphia attempted to assemble and army to establish an authoritarian control over the region. By the end of the year, Jensen had absolute control in Philadelphia. In August of 1975, the Sons of Liberty were formed within Philadelphia. Jensen's reign was very short lived, as in July of 1976, the Sons of Liberty staged a coup against Jensen. The Sons of Liberty grew, and prevented anyone from having too much power in the city. By 1997, the Sons had begun to watch over other parts of southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

After the war, the people of the Delmarva Peninsula split into three tribes: Liz Tribe, Mary Tribe, and Doverware Tribe. In 1989, members of the Mary Tribe split off and formed the Spider Tribe. The Spider Tribe was often hostile to the others, and stole supplies from the others. The Doverware Tribe would collect guns, and often steal them from the other tribes, in order to establish dominance in the region. The other tribes would often use blunt and sharp objects as weapons instead. The members of each tribe lived fairly primitive lives, with little education on anything other than survival.

The Sons of Liberty were concerned about their southern neighbors. The Spider Tribe was hostile, and the Doverware Tribe wanted to assert it's power over the other tribes. In 2007, many Sons considered it a miracle the peninsula hadn't broken out in total war. By 2007 many of the Sons of Liberty were also interested in nationalizing, and wanted to avoid a war from happening in Delmarva.

The Sons of Liberty sent some officials to the peninsula to make contact with the tribes in 2007. The tribes, with the exception of the Spider Tribe, ultimately would listen to the Sons of Liberty because they believed they were intelligent and knew what was best. The Spider Tribe rebelled, but the Sons of Liberty and Doverware Tribe would force them into submission. In 2012, a confederation of six states was founded.

War With A.G.C. Edit

The remnants of the United States government had been monitoring the tribes and Sons of Liberty since 1982.

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