The Demon's Plague is a deadly illness that originated on the battlegrounds of the Angel's Republic during the Californian Civil War. Major symptoms are vomiting, constipation, and swelling, especially in the throat.

History Edit

The Demon's Plague originated on the battlefields of the Angel's Republic during the Californian Civil War. Casualties in the war nearly doubled because of this illness. Presidents Kent Kingsley and Edward Fairchild made an unlikely agreement towards the end of the war to share information involving their research on a cure or treatment for the plague. The agreement never really took effect however, as both sides were busy putting resources into fighting each other in the war.

Following the war, the disease spread alarmingly to civilians as troops unknowingly infected were sent home. This led to the disease being spread east, across the continent. After Kingsley's assassination, Vice President Isaac North took over. North, with approval from Congress, simply ordered law enforcement to shoot afflicted civilians on sight and burn the bodies. North's successor, Tyler Belmont, expanded funding to find a cure/treatment for the disease, and attempted to reduce the number of victims executed by police. Scientists managed to mass-produce a medicine called Anturge. The medicine alleviated swelling, making it easier for patients to breathe and eat and allowing more vomit to pass through the esophagus. While more vomit meant an increase in new patients, it drastically decreased the death rate of the patients. Preventing this swelling would allow the body to fight off the virus. Anturge and its recipe would be sent east under President Gabriel Holmes's administration.

Symptoms and Transmission Edit

Symptoms of the Demon's Plague include fever, vomiting, swelling, constipation, joint and muscle aches, fatigue, and in some cases hemorrhaging. A combination of swelling in the throat and vomiting leads to the inability to vomit. This combined with constipation usually leads to a buildup of waste in the body, and ultimately death. Even more commonly, death can result from a physical inability to swallow food or water.

The disease is mostly transmitted by bodily fluids. Vomit, blood, and puss from busted swelling are the most common means of transmission.

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