Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Dezba was born on May 9 of 1983 in Mountain Springs to a Shoshone father and a half-Shoshone half-Navajo mother. His name meaning "goes to war".

Expansion of the Union of California Edit

After the Union's success in the Language Wars (1994 - 1996), Dezba's family and thousands of others in the wasteland realize the threat that the Union posed to their freedom. Dezba joined the Shoshoni tribal military with his father in 1997.

In 1997, the First Californian Conflict began. The Marmo Family of Vegas declared war on the Union. The Shoshoni joined the war to stop the spread of the Union as well as the crime of the Marmos. In 1999, Dezba's group was slaughtered outside Boulder City. He and one other, Niyol, were the only survivors. When they returned to the Shoshone camp north of Vegas, Niyol told the story. He said Dezba saved his life, and showed great performance in battle. Dezba became highly respected after this.

Dezba advocated Shoshoni entry into the First Californian Conflict front to the north involving the Cisco and Nevada Republics at war with the Union (Sacramento Front; the front the tribe already fought in was the Vegas Front). After the war, which the Union won in 2000, Dezba was made a Chief.

In 2005, the Second Californian Conflict began. The Shoshone joined, assisting Nevada and Cisco. Chief Dezba led the Shoshone fighting in the Sacramento area. When the Union conquered Cisco and dug into the State of Maverick (the state formed by the Union after the First Californian Conflict, with Sacramento its capital), which was controlled by the Nevada-Cisco forces then, Dezba moved his army back to tribal land to defend the homeland. His army failed, however, and by 2011, the Union had conquered the Shoshone, Cisco, and Nevada.

Leading the Campaign for Independence Edit

In 2015, Cisco, Nevada, and Shoshoni land were all made states of the Union of California. Shoshone land was renamed to what the land was called under the Mexican Confederation (which controlled the area from 1984 - 1991), the land called Hidalgo and Mountain Springs called Los Valientes. Dezba strongly opposed Hidalgo statehood, and as soon as statehood came, he joined the Independence Party.

In 2015, Dezba became the leader of the Independence Party in Hidalgo. In 2016, he became governor of Hidalgo. He was re-elected in 2021.

California Civil War Edit

In 2024, Democrat Kent Kingsley was elected President of the Union. Governor Dezba called for an Hidalgo independence referendum. A few months later, that referendum was held, and Hidalgo seceded. This was after the secession of several other states. These states got together to discuss rebellion. They chose Edward Fairchild as their president, and agreed they wouldon't fight together until independence was achieved for every rebel state. After this meeting, Dezba resigned from the governor office to be the general of the East-Central Front (included Versago, Hidalgo, Mojave, and northern Arizona).

Dezba's Charge Edit

By 2034, Dezba's army in Hidalgo was desperate. They ran low on food, ammo, and manpower. In May of 2034, Dezba wrote a letter to Robert Babineaux, General-in-Chief to the Rebel Army, requesting support. Babineaux sent his Colonel, Aaron Johnson and his army to Los Valientes.

Johnson's army strove to protect the capital of Hidalgo. A large army from Versago was on their way to Los Valientes in mid-June. Dezba gathered what was left of his army outside the city on a hill. Most were equipped with knives and tomahawks, many had no weapons at all. Very few had guns. Dezba led an ambitious charge on the Union Army, to keep them from Los Valientes. Every rebel in the army died, including Dezba himself.

The Union pushed through and captured Los Valientes, and killed Aaron Johnson. Union soldiers who fought Dezba's Charge lived on to be horribly mentally scarred.

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