Background Edit

Order of the Dust Edit

The Order of the Dust was founded by Robert Sharp after the Bostonian War, in order to help the defenseless innocent Chelsean people. When Chelsea no longer needed help, Sharp allowed them to be an independent democratic nation again. Sharp re-purposed the Order to be an oppression fighting, tyranny hating, military organization. When Sharp died, his co-founder and Chief Advisor Keptel Smith took over as Baron.

When Smith discovered that the Federal Republic of New Providence was using slaves in 2013, he prepared for a war. On April 3, 2013, Smith commanded an invasion of the country. 

Strategy Edit

Order of the Dust Strategy Edit

The Order of the Dust pushed through New Providence territory trying to get to the capital of the country, while also cutting off trade routes coming out of the west of the country. Destroying trade routes triggered settlements in Connecticut go to war with the Order, most notably New Haven. There were often raids on factories and farms to free slaves working there.

FRNP Strategy Edit

New Providence mostly played defense in the war. They dug trenches across the country. They also quartered troops in the most productive farms and factories to protect them from Order of the Dust raids. They improved relations with Connecticut settlements and fought among them in the west to break the Order's blockades between them. For the Order, this was the most difficult part of the war because the troops running the blockades would be attacked from both sides, but being able to keep some blockades is part of the reason the war went by so quickly.

Providence Massacre Edit

After three years of fighting, the Order of the Dust had pushed into the New Providence (capital city) area. Everyone knew that an invasion of the capital would occur soon, and the FRNP would be destroyed. But no one expected what happened in the slave market in the east part of the city.

Baron Keptel Smith ordered a direct attack on the largest slave market in the country, the Providence Slave Trade Market. He gave direct orders to Head Knight Aaron Johnson to kill everyone in the market and free the slaves. Johnson and his regiment marched into the city and attacked the market. 138 people were killed in the attack, many were slave traders, many were travelers and people moving about the city, some were slaves killed by mistake.

When the Providence Massacre became one of the most controversial events in post-war New England history, Baron Smith blamed the incident on General of the Order Paul Jackson and Head Knight Aaron Johnson. Most people believed Smith, but some left the Order hating Smith's actions. Paul Jackson was immediately kicked out of the Order of the Dust. Aaron Johnson convinced Smith to let him stay, but he decided to leave two weeks later because of Smith's leadership.

This massacre resolved the war, however, as Providence's leaders surrendered the capital to the Order.

Commanders Edit

Order of the Dust Commanders Edit

Baron Keptel Smith

Chief Advisor Otto Rollings

Commander of the Order Paul Jackson

Head Knight Aaron Johnson

General of the Army Rock

General Mordred

Marshal of the Corps Gordon Palsy

FRNP Commanders Edit

President Maradal Chamberlain

General-in-Chief Dylan Gray

General Trent Sanford

New Haven Commanders Edit

Autarch Bret Gulchwood

General Adam Jones

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