The Free Dixie Wars refers to two conflicts fought and won by the Order of the Dust in what was once the southern United States. The first was a small scale war against the New Confederate States, and the second was a larger scale war against the city of Atlanta, which seceded from the NCSA after the first war. The Order's goal was to get the southern governments to legally end slavery.

In 2054, in the midst of the Virginia War, the Order of the Dust established an embassy in the NCSA capital of Montgomery. Outposts were also set up near major slave trading hubs such as Atlanta and New Orleans. After the defeat of the AGC in 2060, a large remnant force of the AGC made its way into NCSA territory, and began raiding towns and farms to stay alive. It took the NCSA three years to eliminate the remnant forces, and the raids damaged important areas. Around 2063, the Order of the Dust began attacking caravans transporting slaves across the wasteland, and freeing the slaves. Tensions rose, but the conflict remained very small, and ended when the Confederate government gave in and outlawed slavery across all the states in early 2065.

Many in the city of Atlanta were unhappy with the outlawing of slavery, especially its government officials. The practice was essential to the city's economy, and they believed the confederal government gave up too easy. In November of the 2065, the city declared its secession from the NCSA. The NCSA government didn't care about the secession, but to the Order of the Dust, this meant that the infamous slave trade in Atlanta would continue, so they declared war on the now independent city. This final conflict lasted until 2070, when the Order of the Dust temporarily took control over the city's government.