Summary Edit

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The show will follow the story of Jack Levi and his friends Ryan Johnson, Christine McCullen, Katherine Stone, and Johnny Williams. When a group of Cold War teens survive a nuclear war, they must learn to get along and work together to survive in the harsh and unforgiving post-nuclear new world.

Havoc - Teaser Trailer01:09

Havoc - Teaser Trailer

Release Date Edit

The first season of the Havoc was originally expected to release in 2017. However, progress has been slow and is now expected to release in 2018 or possibly even later.

Credits Edit

  • Directed by: Jorge Mitjans
  • Written by: Mason DeLong and Jorge Mitjans
  • Produced by: Jorge Mitjans, Jeremy Harrold, and Mason DeLong

Cast Edit

  • Jorge Mitjans as Jack Levi
  • Jeremy Harrold as Ryan Johnson
  • Kiara Lynn as Christine McCullen

Social Media Edit

Follow Havoc on Twitter for news and information: @Havoc_Show

Follow Havoc on Instagram also: havoc_show

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