Javier Andino was born in Port Calvert, Riverland on March 6, 2028. As a Mexican, he was subject to oppressive harassment and outright violence at the hands of the racist white community. When he was just ten years old, his family's home was burnt down by a mob. The family moved to the slums of Angel City. Andino's family was murdered by members of the NPF in 2043. He managed to escape, and became a traveler, forced to live independently as he knew little English.

After the election of Adrian Calvert, Andino decided to lay low and hide in a small secluded town in Maverick called Lone. Here, Andino learned to speak English fluently, taught by a small group of fellow Mexicans hiding in the town. In 2047, Andino met and befriended former President of the Angels Republic, Abigail Mason. Mason would introduce Andino to Johnathon Alexander in 2052, who was planning a coup to overthrow Calvert and reinstate democracy. Andino came to be an assassin for the group, and managed to kill several allies of Calvert in the lead-up to the coup, including the founder of the NPF, Charles Berger.