Jeremy Wright, born on June 11, 2005, was born to Mormons. The birth was overseen by agents of the Holy Arizonan Empire. The agents stole the Mormon baby from his parents, and took him to Emperor Nathan Claude Kaiser's palace in New Phoenix to be a slave.

When Wright was 16, in 2021, an agent of the Second Underground Railroad (the organization was attempting to expand its horizons at the time) helped him reach freedom. The agent took Wright to Angelica, the capital of the Angel's Republic.

Wright joined the Angel's Republic Army when Kaiser declared war on the Republic during their civil war in 2025. Wright joined as an officer, and begged to be sent to fight Arizonan troops in New Deseret and free his people.

After fervent work as an officer fighting in Utah, President Kingsley awarded Wright a high medal, and promoted him to be the primary general fighting against the Holy Arizonan Empire in 2026. After the promotion, Wright would raise an army of Mormons to rebel against the Empire.

In 2030, Wrights army (the Mormons and Californians) lay down a seige on New Phoenix. In the night of April 2, Wright was captured by Kaiser's soldiers. Wright would meet Kaiser on last time the next morning. Kaiser ordered his soldiers to "do to the slave, as the Jews did to my Son". To crucify him. General Wright jumped on Kaiser's lap, twisted his neck, and killed him. The soldiers were in shock. They followed Kaiser's final order, and nailed Jeremy Wright to a cross.

After Wright's crucifixion, his army moved on the city, and the Empire collapsed.

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