Life Edit

Early Life Edit

John Levi was born in Providence, Rhode Island on June 22, 1958. When the Great War occurred, he was only 4 years old, but he could still almost vividly recall the event well into his adult years. On the day of the war, John and his parents entered the bomb shelter his father built and stocked in their basement.

Leaving the Shelter Edit

John's father died from starvation in 1997, and his mother suffered the same fate in 1999. When John's mother died, he left the shelter expecting to die from radiation poisoning. John's father, a World War II veteran, taught him combat maneuvers and skills in the shelter, so when he left he used his knowledge to survive.

By 2001, John Levi had wandered to Boston, specifically, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in New Cambridge. John received therapy from Doctor Randall Williamson, which helped for the most part. John would live in the MIT for several weeks.

Bostonian War Edit

One day, John gets mixed up in Chelsea's invasion of New Cambridge (and the other Boston settlements). John decides to help Boston fight Chelsea's destructive nature. He is given the rank Lieutenant after helping plan attacks on a Chelsean military base and helping figure out how to get into Chelsea. After a few months, John led some doctors and friends into Chelsea and disguised themselves as members of the community. They killed the authoritarians in the government and tricked a general into sending a large mass of the Chelsean military away. After this operation, the Chelsean government was officially destroyed and could no longer continue fighting the war. John Levi became known as a legend in Boston for what he had done.

Post-Bostonian War Edit

After the Bostonian War, John Levi returned to Providence, where he eventually ran into Jack Levi, his cousin. The two, along with other Providence survivors and Chelseans who moved to the area, founded the Federal Republic of New Providence. The Republic easily grew across Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Some younger Chelsean government officials began the institution of slavery (though not against a particular race). John Levi was elected as a representative to the State of Annabelle. John was very against the institution of slavery in the country. He believed it was simply morally unjust.

Family Edit

In 2003, John met a woman from Chelsea named Aurela Adams. The two had a daughter, named Jacqueline, in 2005. In 2009, Aurela unexpectedly died from radiation poisoning. John and Jacqueline were devastated. They continued to live a fairly normal life in Providence.

FRNP-Order War Edit

In 2013, the Order of the Dust declared war on New Providence to free the slaves. Once the state of Annabelle had been nearly completely occupied by the Order of the Dust, John had nothing to represent and was out of a job. John would occasionally advise FRNP President Maradal Chamberlain on how to conduct battles.

In 2015, Baron Keptel Smith commanded the Head Knight Team to kill everyone in the slave market and free the slaves. Though there were good intentions, the operation was very negatively received as a lot of innocent people died. The event became known as the Providence Massacre. John's cousin happened to be passing through the district at the time and he was killed. The event forced the New Providence government to surrender, and the country was dissolved.

Post-FRNP-Order War Edit

After the war, John Levi was seized by the Order of the Dust and imprisoned in an Order prison in Plymouth for plotting against the Order. However, John was highly revered among Order of the Dust Military Police for his role in the Bostonian War, so he was treated more fairly than other inmates and given special treatment.

The Order of the Dust Assassinations Edit

In 2020, Keptel Smith and most of his advisors were assassinated by a group of Providence insurgents. John Levi was suspected to have told these men to attack Seaport for a number of reasons. John obviously had an ill will towards the Order, he received visitors on the day of the assassinations, and the loose treatments by authority in the Plymouth Prison. The Head Knight Team was sent across New England to interrogate three suspects, including John Levi.

While John was being interrogated by Head Knight David Moreau, the prison was simultaneously attacked by two parties: militant members of the Church of Atomanity and the Merrymen. Knight Martin Arthur kidnapped Levi and went rogue in the midst of the chaos. Arthur got him to a warehouse controlled by the secretive Skull and Bones Society in New Haven. Arthur wanted John Levi to take the blame for assassinating Order of the Dust leadership to cover up the fact that Arthur was attempting to take control of the Order and that he was a member of the Skull and Bones Society. Two days after the kidnapping, the rest of the Head Knight Team rescued John Levi. However, they did not capture Martin Arthur the same day, and David Moreau was killed by Arthur.

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