Life Edit

Early Life Edit

John Williams was born on May 17, 1945, just a few weeks after World War II, in Providence, Rhode Island. He grew up in a poor white neighborhood, and became involved in greaser culture when he was about 9 years old.

Johnny's parents disliked his friends, most of which were older kids and greasers, viewing them as hoodlums. But Johnny would often sneak out to hang out with them, and often got in trouble.

As Johnny got older, he began to develop huge rivals with the wealthier students at his school and other schools. One particular student at his school, Trenton Clarke, was a big enemy of his. He would often get attacked by Trenton and his friends, and would often get his own friends together to attack Trenton.

On the day of the war, Jack Levi was driving around the city gathering friends from his school, Johnny included. Jack took his group to a fallout shelter under his friend Kathy Stone's uncle's house, where they would live the next 12 years.

After the War Edit

For a while, Jack, Johnny, Kathy, Ryan Johnson, and Christine McCullen stuck together trying to survive in Providence. One day the group ran into Trenton Clarke. Johnny, his bitterness towards the wealthy and Trenton in particular, reacted by shooting him. The group shunned Johnny for this incident and took his weapon.

The group would search fallout shelters for survivors. Doing this, they ran into another fellow student from before the war, Jackson Schofield, whose parents had recently died in the shelter and barely had any food. Jackson was a good friend to Trenton, so the group hid his death from him. Johnny was unhappy with the decision to take him into the group.

By 1979, the whole group went to Boston. They first encountered Fenway City, and did some jobs to buy a house there. This is where Johnny met who would become his wife, Abby Norton. In 1984, Christine McCullen was followed home by religious fanatics from the town of Salem to the north. They saw her in an old lab gathering chemicals for medicine, and that night she was kidnapped by these men and accused her of witchcraft. The next morning, the group traveled to Salem to save Christine.

Settling in Seaport Edit

After the group rescued Christine, they realized they could no longer live in Fenway City, as Salem knew where they were living. The group went south to start their own settlement in the Seaport District in the Boston metropolitan area. The community thrived as a direct democracy. Almost 100 people showed up to the settlement in a year. Johnny often led teams of people into the wasteland and the city to scavenge supplies that would benefit the community.

Family Edit

In 1986, Johnny and Abby Norton had a child, Rich Williams.

Death and Seaport's Destruction Edit

Across the 1990s, a young resident in Seaport was being threatened and abused by the Chelsean Army. The Chelseans wanted the resident to help them in an attack on the town, and said they would kill him if he told everyone what was going on. On the night of December 29, 2000, the town was attacked by Chelsea, and killed almost everyone, including Johnny. Johnny's wife and son made it out of the area safely.

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