Early Life and Family Edit

Kent Kingsley was born to a wealthy family in Bakersfield, in the state of Tilden on July 14, 2002. His father, Joe Kingsley, was a successful water merchant who came to own the Clear Springs Water Corporation, which he lead to its status as a monopoly in the water industry. Upon Joe's death in 2020, his only surviving child, Kent Kingsley, inherited the company. Kent Kingsley quickly discovered the influence he would have as the controller of the most important industry in California.

Political Career Edit

House of Representatives Edit

Kingsley had become a quite popular figure among the people of the Angels Republic, and achieved a seat in the House of Representatives in 2029. He was a strong supporter of the Cascadian War, and believed uniting all of what was once California was a cause to rally behind.

Even before his election, Kingsley's monopoly on water was quite controversial to some political movements. In 2035, the Water Act was proposed to break the Clear Springs Water Corporation's monopoly in to many smaller companies. Kingley, as a businessman, vehemently opposed the regulatory law. This opposition was futile, however, as the act passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law by President Owen Montgomery. While Kingsley was not bitter about the act, many saw this as a stain to his reputation and his congressional career.

Senate Edit

In 2035, Kingsley ascended to a position in the Senate. In 2039, he would meet his strongest political rival, Edward Fairchild, when he was elected to the Senate. The two had countless debates on the Senate floor in the next few years.

During his term in the Senate, it was very clear that Kingsley's party was splitting apart at the seams. Much of the Democratic Party supported the clearly racist and authoritarian Democratic senator Adrian Calvert. Some, however, including Kingsley, opposed Calvert, and founded a new party before the 2045 presidential election, called the Unionist Party. The remaining Democrats changed their party name to the Nationalist Party. Kingsley strongly opposed Calvert's propositions to the Senate, including the repealing of a clause in the constitution which implemented presidential term limits. Incidentally, Kingsley couldn't reconcile his differences with Edward Fairchild, even in this

Assassination Edit