In 1978, an Italian man named Philly Locatelli and his family got with the Navajo Thompson Family and French Delacroix Family to restore the city of Las Vegas to its former glory as a tourist attraction and city of sin. Once they'd gotten most everything set up, they decided the best way to make Vegas everything it could be was through competition. This competition got out of hand, however, when Philly Locatelli killed Dakota Thompson, the brother of Etenio Thompson, head of the Thompson Family.

The Locatellis soon became the dominant Vegas family, just ahead of the Thompsons. Many outsiders considered the Three Families of Vegas different mafia families. When Mojave was conquered by the Angel's Republic, the Locatellis lost their grip on the region and became an underground crime outfit. The Thompsons were the same. The Delacroixs were run out of Vegas, and considering the harsh Constantine Empire to the east, the were forced to settle in the west and integrate with the Angel's Republic. They founded the city of Delacroix in northern Riverland.

The Locatellis grew fast, as did the Thompsons, but the Locatellis were always a step ahead. With the admission of Cisco to the Angel's Republic, came on a rivalry just as strong with the Bulger Family.

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