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Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Martin "Osric" Arthur was born in New Haven, Connecticut on October 26, 1962, the day just before the Great War. His family all had to survive in the basement of the hospital he was born in. Most of his family died due to lack of food, but Martin managed to survive and left the hospital in 1979. Martin began living at Yale University in 1983, and was inducted as a student in 1985. In 1989, it was revealed to Arthur the greatest secret of the university: after the war, the secret society of undergraduate senior Yale students called the Skull and Bones continued to be prominent in the school. Arthur was initiated into the society. Arthur was given the name Osric, after a character in Hamlet.

Family Edit

In 1996, Martin had a child with Anna Jacobs, another student at Yale. They named the child Thomas.

Operation in Boston Edit

Harvard Edit

The Skull and Bones Society's main goal was to reunite the states which had Ivy League universities before the war under their authority. In 1999, the society learned that Harvard University was still active, and much to their surprise. They sent Martin Arthur to Harvard to try to become a prominent figure in the college and discover their secrets. Martin took his wife and son with him. Before Arthur could do this however, the Chelsean Army invaded New Cambridge and the other Boston settlements, triggering the Bostonian War.

Chelsea Edit

Arthur was sent to Chelsea in 2001. He quickly learned their rules and goals, for the government's secrets were easy to obtain once he became an official there. He learned that Chelsea was trying to take over the world. Martin found Chelsea's ideology of constant happiness very strange, and wished to discontinue his work there as soon as possible. While many Skull and Bones members believed this to be an overly ambitious and unlikely goal, others saw potential in Chelsea to try to fulfill their own goals. The society supplied the Chelsean Army with weapons to fight the rest of Boston. When Chelsea lost the war, Martin Arthur also lost his assignment.

Order of the Dust Edit

In 2001, the Order of the Dust was founded. The Skull and Bones society saw no interest in this group at first, but ordered Martin Arthur to join the group anyway. Two years after the group's founding, the Order became more military-focused. As the Order's military grew in strength, the society saw more potential in the group. Martin quickly rose to the rank of Knight, and eventually joined the Head Knight Team. Arthur began to really believe in Order of the Dust ideals, and mixed them with Skull and Bones ideals. Martin raised Thomas as Order of the Dust and hid everything to do with the Skull and Bones society from him. Martin gave Thomas private Knight Training at a very young age.

Martin Arthur fought on the Head Knight Team during the FRNP-Order of the Dust War. The war resulted in an Order victory, and Order troops occupied regions controlled by the country. A few years later, the Head Knight team was sent back to Providence to handle terrorism in the region. Thomas Arthur was soon placed on the Head Knight Team.

By 2020, the Order of the Dust was one of the most powerful forces on the East Coast of North America. So having control over the Order would be beneficial to the Skull and Bones Society. Martin Arthur negotiated with some Providence terrorists and planned out an attack on Seaport to kill the main leadership of the Order. After this, Thomas Arthur pounced on the opportunity to be the Baron. Martin was meant to take the position but didn't want to look bad to the Order by killing the goals of his ambitious son.

Martin began thinking of a plan to assassinate his son so he could get back to Seaport and finally claim the position. His plans were halted when Thomas ordered the Head Knight Team to investigate the assassinations. Three people were suspected, but Martin was not one of them. Adam Jones, leader of the Merrymen, Trent Sanford, leader of a prominent terror group in Providence, and John Levi were all suspected.

The Head Knight Team went to Plymouth Prison to interrogate John Levi. When the prison was attacked by the Merrymen and members of the Church of Atomanity, Martin quickly jumped on the opportunity to kidnap Levi to "start his own interrogation", and possibly convince the Order that John did do it to cover up his actions.

Death Edit

When the Head Knight Team got back to Seaport after the attack on the prison, Thomas Arthur commanded David Moreau to find Martin. The team discovered that Martin had gone to New Haven (a warehouse controlled by the Skull and Bones). When the team got to the warehouse, Martin was preparing to kill John Levi and was telling John the truth about the situation (but said nothing of the Skull and Bones society). The team heard everything, and before he could kill Levi they attacked Martin. Martin made it to the roof of the warehouse and began jumping across roofs while Head Knight Moreau chased him. Eventually, the two fell through a building. Martin killed David before going back to Seaport to assist more Providence terrorists in killing Thomas. Ultimately, Thomas killed Martin during the attack, as well as the terrorists.

The assassination attempt drove Thomas to start the Arthurian Knight Team, a decommissioned team of knights dedicated to the protection of the Order's leadership.

The Skull and Bones Society had lost their operative in Boston and highest-ranking member in the Order of the Dust. Luckily for the Skull and Bones, a member of both the Society and the Order, Mordred was promoted to Commander of the Order by Baron Thomas Arthur. Mordred was made the primary operative of Boston.