After the Bulger Mob violently took over Sacramento in 1978, the Nevada Republic liberated Sacramento, invaded Cisco, drove the Bulger Family into hiding, and set up the Cisco Republic by the end of 1981. In 1982, the California and Nevada Trade Agreement was founded in Sacramento. When the Angel's Republic unified half of CANTA's members under their flag in 1985, Sacramento and CANTA collapsed in 1986.

When Sacramento collapsed, both the Nevada and Cisco Republic attempted to annex Sacramento and its land. President Andy Beckett of the Nevada Republic ordered an attack on Cisco troops in the area. This would escalate into a war to be known as the Maverick War. In May of 1988, a congressman from the Nevada Republic named Walter Benson staged a coup against Beckett in order to put an end to the war. Both sides agreed to cease fighting and split the land in half. They called the land Maverick and founded the Maverick Pact, which agreed Cisco would control western Maverick and Nevada the east, with another layer of bureacracy with a "Governor" of Maverick. The pact also set a military alliance.

The Maverick Pact would find themselves in conflict with the Angel's Republic in the late 1990s and easy 2000s in two seperate wars before the Angel's Republic conquered the Maverick Pact.