Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Mortimer North was born in Flagstaff, Arizona on September 4, 1950. About 12 years before the Hot War. He grew up with an interest in ancient Native American history, culture, and tribes. He studied several Native American tribes and asked his parents for books about these tribes.

When the war began he was 12 years old. His parents sacrificed themselves so that he could be able to survive the war. Mortimer was orphaned and taken care of by his aunt. When his aunt died in 1971, Mortimer left to do real research about Native Americans.

Mexican Confederation Edit

In 1975, the Mexican Confederation conquered the land Mortimer lived in. The Mexicans realized his knowledge in history. He was taught some Spanish and recruited to a league of historians run by the government of the Mexican Confederation.

In 1986, Mortimer was sent by the Mexican Confederation with three other men, Daniel Everett, Samuel Velasquez, and Tsiishch'ili, to Mexico City for an archaeological dig. There they discovered a small Aztec statue amongst other ancient artifacts. The particular statue was presented to King Matias García of the Mexican Confederation on November 15, his own birthday, and the statue was kept on display in his palace in Hermosillo. That same day, large scale rebellions appeared all across the lands the Confederation had conquered to the north. Many say the statue is cursed from this day onward and call the curse as well as the statue "La Maldición del Rey Matias", The Curse of the King Matias.

On November 15, 1989, the northern rebellions were victorious and separated themselves from the rest of the Mexican Confederation. On November 15, 1990, the Hermosillo Palace was attacked by terrorists and King Matias lost his legs. On November 15, 1991, the Confederation completely collapsed and King Matias died from an infection from his legs.

When Matias García died, Daniel Everett stole the king's statue. Mortimer, Velasquez, and Tsiishch'ili attempted to stop him but couldn't. Everett escaped to his estate in northwestern Nueva Sonora.

Getting the Maldición del Rey Matias Back Edit

In 1995, in the heat of the Language Wars between the Mexican people and the Union of California, Mortimer, Velasquez, and Tsiishch'ili got together again and attacked Everett's estate. Mortimer and Velasquez managed to get the statue back but Tsiishch'ili was killed by Everett's mercenaries. They all agreed to give the statue to Mortimer, but Velasquez and Tsiishch'ili wanted him to destroy it, which he didn't do. Mortimer kept the statue secretly, planning to pass it to his children and hoped it would become extremely valuable.

Later Life Edit

In 2010, Mortimer met a woman named Carolyn Jones and married her. They had a child named Hannah in 2015. The Richter Empire of Arizona (which came about not long after the fall of the Mexican Confederation) restricted the North Family from leaving the Empire, though North never helped Richter. In fact, the Norths privately expressed their support of the Union of California in the Californian Civil War just hoping that they would conquer Richter's Empire.

On November 15, 2031, Mortimer was working on the family's house when he fell from a ladder and died.

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