Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Nathan Claude Kaiser was born on the day of the great nuclear war that nearly wiped out humanity. His parents sacrificed themselves so that he may make it to safety and survive the horrors of nuclear devastation. Another family adopted young Nathan. In 1972, the family and Nathan left their shelter and traveled to Los Angeles to search for other survivors.

On the way to Los Angeles, the mother and father of the family died. Their teenage children took care of young Nathan, and they would soon reach Los Angeles. The children were taken in by group called the "Preservists of God's Word". As they grew older they would become missionaries for the Preservists. Nathan Kaiser's newfound Christian faith would become his life.

Living Under the Angel's Republic Edit

During the Angelican War, Nathan Kaiser would preach for peace. He gave sermons expressing his frustration with James Hathaway and the Unionists, as well as the Rattlesnakes, the two main fighting forces in the war. He supported union in Angelica, but believed that it could be acquired through peace.

In 1994, President Michael Calvert sent soldiers and settlers to Arizona (and other locations in Mexico). Nathan Kaiser would lead a group of missionaries into Arizona, following the settlers. Kaiser, along with most other settlers and missionaries and some soldiers, are convinced by Arizona locals to instead help unite Arizona settlements under one flag.

Arizona Edit

Arizona Confederation Politician Edit

Nathan Kaiser ran to be a senator from the state of Flagstaff, and won the position. After a while of being a senator, Kaiser grew a strong desire for greater power. He began to lie, kill, and cheat his way through politics. Kaiser would eventually be elected president of the Arizona Confederation, in 1998.

A New Prophecy Edit

At the beginning of the year 2000, Kaiser claimed to have had a great realization. It was at this point he would begin to convince people, and believe himself, that he was God. When the legislature opposed his push for an expansion of power in the Confederation, he ordered his army to march into the Hall of Congress, and massacre the representatives and senators. Kaiser declared himself emperor of the Holy Kaiser Empire.

Kaiser would change parts of the Bible, and write another testament called the Kaiser Doctrines. The Kaiser Doctrines consisted of three books: the Book of War, the Book of Kaiser, and the Book of Unity. The books make the following claims. The nuclear war of 1962 was set on by Satan to steal the souls of all on Earth, but God pushed back, and chose who would survive the war. Some of God's chosen become corrupted by Satan. God chooses to take form in Nathan Claude Kaiser in 2000, in order to unite the faithful of the Earth before the events foretold in Revelation.

Expanding Edit

Kaiser's first major actions were to expand his power, and transform the country into a unitary state by killing the governors who opposed him. Next, he would begin to force the people of Arizona to accept Christianity, and accept him as God, and kill all who oppose his rule. All this, he would do in the span of one year. He would then go on to conquer the hostile tribes of Arizona and northwestern New Mexico in 2001. He forced mix breeding, in order to dissolve the Native American race.

Starting in 2004, Kaiser launched a fierce campaign against the Mormons to the north. Mormons who denied him were executed or enslaved. By 2025, the Holy Kaiser Empire had absolute control over the near entirety of Utah.

After Death Edit

Through the 2000s and 2010s, Kaiser would have forty-two children with several different women. Twenty-nine sons and thirteen daughters. These children were considered godly, and according to Kaiser's own prophecy, these children were to be his governors once the world was united under his rule prior to the events foretold in the Book of Revelation.

Following Kaiser's death and the Californian Civil War, Kaiser's children escaped to Denver, where they would found their own empire which would expand across the Great Plains as far east as Kansas City, Missouri, and as far south as Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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