The New Cambridge Civil War was fought between supporters of Todd MacEaraine and supporters of Steven Hughes from 2052-2065.

Background Edit

MacEaraine-Hughes Feud Edit

The New Cambridge Civil War has roots in the feud between two ambitious robotics scientists Todd MacEaraine and Steven Hughes. Hughes was the son of an Order of the Dust soldier who sent his child to school in New Cambridge while he fought raider gangs across New England with the Order. MacEaraine was the son of an MIT robotics professor. Both men took an interest in robotics, and had ambitious goals.

Order of the Dust Edit

Throughout the 2040s, a sentiment brewed among the people of Boston that the Order of the Dust was becoming too powerful. The Order was founded to fight tyranny and raiders, but many saw the Order's growth as an opportunity for a tyrant to take control. By this time, the Order had also played a major role in the affairs of the Boston Pact, which many felt was unwelcome. The Providence Massacre of 2050 was one instance that convinced many that the Order had already become tyrannical.

Many in New Cambridge, including Todd MacEaraine, felt that it would be necessary to cut off their support to the Order to weaken them, while others, like Steven Hughes, believed that the Order of the Dust's support was needed to further research. Neither side was willing to cooperate with the other, or reach any sort of compromise.

Additionally, in 2047, a large portion of New Cambridge scientists left New Cambridge because they felt that research and progress had slowed substantially.

Beginnings Edit

In 2052, the 80th election for Dean of New Cambridge took place in the National Conference. The results weren't completely conclusive, and neither side was willing to cooperate in order to decide a winner. Each college chose a side, and New Cambridge had been divided into two. Soon after, protests began, and counter-protests made things violent. Soon, New Cambridge devolved into war.