The New Confederate States of America considers itself a resurrection of the original southern Confederacy existing from 1861 to 1865. The New Confederacy consists of five state: Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, New Carolina, and New Florida. The country is among the largest in the post-war world, spanning most of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina, and portions of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida.

History Edit

Before the War Edit

About one hundred years before the Great War, disagreements led several southern American states to secede from the United States of America and form the Confederate States of America. However, this secession and forming of a new country within United States borders was considered a rebellion by the northern states, and the American Civil War followed. The north won, and re-united the states.

But even after the fall of the Confederacy, there was a great political division between the North and the South. This division even lasted up until the Great War. Some southerners saw the southern secession as a noble "Lost Cause", and longed for the days that the Confederacy would exist once again. These Confederate sympathizers were called Neo-Confederates.

Founding the New Confederacy Edit

Neo-Confederate groups in most of the Deep South re-organized in their home states between 1975 and 1995, and formed militias in order to establish stability in their states. In 1995, the states would unify as the New Confederate States of America. The states wrote a Constitution similar to the original Confederate States Constitution (which was very similar to the U.S. Constitution). Some amendments of the U.S. Constitution were not included in the New Confederate States Constitution. These include the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Eighteenth and Twenty-First, Nineteenth, Twenty-Second, and Twenty-Third amendments. The issues tackled by these amendments became the decisions of the states.

Federal agents working to carry out the Continuity of Operations Plan opposed the foundation of the New Confederate States, so the nation established a national armed forces in order to remove this opposition. After four years of tough fighting these agents throughout the country, the nation was finally at peace.

J.J. Connors Edit

The first president of the New Confederate States was Joseph Jefferson Connors from Mississippi. Connors led his country in the war against the Continuity of Operations. This war was an integral part of the plan's failure. President Connors had a great understanding and love for the U.S. Constitution, but believed that it could be greatly improved upon. He believed that the Constitution and what the founding fathers intended it to be was being broken since the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

Connors served four terms as president (sixteen years). Through those sixteen years, Connors rarely concerned himself with internal issues. He believed in greatly the idea of states' rights, and allowed the states to decide on these internal issues. Connors proved an excellent diplomat and commander, however, and is known best for these skills.

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