"Mortem Tyrannis (Death to Tyrants)"

-Motto of the Order of the Dust

The Order of the Dust is a military based organization born in the ruins of Boston in 2001. Their Order is dedicated to the destruction of tyrannical and oppressive government and the preservation of free society. Four branches of their famously powerful military existed by 2023: the Army, Navy, Air Corps, and Knight Corps. The leader of the Order and commander-in-chief of its military is called the Baron.

The Order of the Dust's history is complicated due to its very different leaders over the years. The Order has gained notoriety and fame for its actions between its beginnings in Chelsea, the FRNP War, the Delmarvan War, and the diverse political beliefs of those within the order.

History Edit

Robert Sharp Edit

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Robert Sharp was born in the subway tunnels under Fenway in Boston just after the Hot War. The tunnels were taken over by criminals who took what they wanted from survivors and made them do whatever for them. When the survivors found out the surface was safe they rebelled against their oppressors. The survivors moved into the old Fenway Park and founded a city there. This is where Robert Sharp lived until he joined the Fenway Army to fight Chelsea in 2001.

Founding of the Order of the Dust Edit

In 2001, the Chelsean War began and ended with the destruction of the Chelsean government and therefore their defense, leadership, and access to food and water. In the same year, Robert Sharp decided to gather people from around Boston to help the people of Chelsea. This was the beginning of what they called the Order of the Dust. The whole system of the Order's army and leadership was created shortly after.

The first Baron of the Order of the Dust was Robert Sharp, its founder. The first Chief Advisor was Keptel Smith, a Chelsean refugee who befriended Sharp. The first Chief Scribe was Ellen Sharp, Robert Sharp's older sister. The first Commander of the Order and Head Knight (the Knight Corps was founded in late 2003) was Paul Jackson, a friend of Robert Sharp's from Fenway City.

Shifting the Order's Goals Edit

In 2003, Robert Sharp wanted to change the goal of the Order of the Dust to destroy any oppressive government that they knew of. He adopted the motto "Mortem Tyrannis", Latin for "Death to Tyrants". He also founded the Knight Corps, and had the scribes help him come up with Knight Training so that Knights were only the most elite soldiers of the Order.

In 2004, Sharp and his Order moved further south in Boston and founded the city of Seaport to house the leadership, scribes, and military. The headquarters of leadership in general was built at the site of the Bay State Raceway. The headquarters of the scribes was made in the Institute of Contemporary Art. The headquarters of the Army was made in Fort Independence. The Knight Corps headquarters was made in Dorchester Heights. In 2010, a bridge from the docks to the Logan Airport, where the Air Corps headquarters was made. In 2023, the Order Navy headquarters was made in the Massachusetts Port Authority Police Department on the dock in the Seaport District.

Baron Sharp's Death and Succession Edit

By 2006, it was obvious that Robert Sharp was very sick. The scribes diagnosed the Baron with lung cancer. He was not expected to live long. Sharp wanted Chief Advisor Keptel Smith to be his successor, so Smith would have to choose a new Chief Advisor. He chose a man from New Cambridge named Otto Rollings, a commander from the country during the Bostonian War and brother of doctor and another major commander, James Rollings.

In 2008, Baron Sharp died peacefully in bed. Keptel Smith was soon inaugurated as the new Baron, and Otto Rollings the new Chief Advisor.

Keptel Smith Edit

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Keptel Smith proved to be a more powerful leader than Sharp, that is, giving himself more power. Smith announced that all leaders, the Baron, Chief Advisor, Chief Scribe, Commander of the Order, and Head Knight, must receive Basic Training and Knight Training before their inauguration. This was somewhat controversial, especially because the Chief Scribe at the time was an old woman, Robert Sharp's sister Ellen. Ellen, fortunately, did push through the training and kept her job.

Smith was a strong leader, but arrogant, and thought he worked better without his advisors telling him what to do. Despite this arrogance, Smith was quite a popular leader among soldiers and scribes. He improved the Order's military greatly, striking deals with New Cambridge engineers and scientists to get uniforms and weapons. Smith even established the Air Corps in 2010 by having his scribes and MIT engineers get together to figure out how to restore pre-war helicopters and build their own. However some members of the Order recognized Smith's extremism and arrogance, especially when the FRNP-Order of the Dust War began.

FRNP-Order of the Dust War Edit

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In 2012, the scribes of the Order discovered that the country to the southwest, the Federal Republic of New Providence, had been using the institution of slavery to turn huge profit and build a strong economy through trading with other settlements. Baron Smith, who believed slavery was the worst thing to ever happen to the United States and the wasteland, immediately moved to a camp outside the State of Annabelle with his advisors and several companies of the Army and Air Corps. Fighting began the next month.

Providence Massacre Edit

For three years, the Order of the Dust pushed through FRNP territory until they finally reached the capital city. Baron Smith commanded Head Knight Aaron Johnson's regiment to attack the slave market in the eastern part of the city. When 138 people, many who weren't even slave traders, were killed by the Knights and the event became really controversial, Baron Smith blamed the incident on Commander of the Order Paul Jackson and Head Knight Aaron Johnson. Jackson was kicked out of the Order immediately, and Johnson convinced Smith to let him stay until he decided to quit two weeks later.

The massacre turned out to be the resolution to the war, as New Providence leaders surrendered their country to the Order.

Providence Insurgency Edit

After the FRNP War, militias of people from FRNP territory appeared to cause trouble for Order of the Dust troops occupying this territory. This terrorism caused huge problems for the Order. Oftentimes, terrorists would be innocent-looking people asking the Order's soldiers for help. Too many incidents like this forced troops to turn away people in the area asking for assistance.

In 2020, a group of Providence terrorists traveled to Seaport and infiltrated the Order of the Dust base. They murdered Baron Keptel Smith, Chief Advisor Otto Rollings, Chief Scribe Ellen Sharp, and Commander of the Order Rock. They were all apprehended and publicly executed by Head Knight Martin Arthur and his regiment.

Thomas Arthur Edit

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After the death of most leaders of the Order of the Dust, member of the Head Knight Team Martin Arthur allowed his son (Thomas Arthur, also a member of the Head Knight Team) to become the Baron. The only reason Martin Arthur didn't become the Baron himself was because he didn't want the Order to hate him for suppressing his ambitious son. Thomas Arthur was given Basic Training by his father when he was 10, and Knight Training when he was 13. He went through Knight Training a second time when he was 16 to actually become a Knight, and he joined the Head Knight Team.

Thomas had ordered the Head Knight Team to find out who was behind the assassinations of the Order's leadership. It turned out that his father was actually behind it. Martin killed Head Knight David Moreau and returned to Seaport to assist more terrorists in the assassination of his son. Thomas killed the assassins, including his father, and founded the Arthurian Knight Team, a team of decommissioned Knights that would be dedicated to protected the Order's leaders.

War in Philadelphia Edit

Main article: War for Philadelphia

In 2018, a group of scribes, two Knight regiments, and some helicopters were sent by Keptel Smith and Ellen Sharp to investigate some cities found on a map from before the war. In 2021, they returned with information about these cities, one of which were Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They learned that a man named Henry Davidson had taken control of the city after the war in order to control the people of the city for different social experiments, and that one of those experiments have gone wrong and there is a rebellion known as the Sons of Liberty. The people here also seemed to know about the Order of the Dust from rumors about the Providence Massacre.

The Order began planning a war. Baron Arthur thought to establish a Navy for the Order and send some ships into the Delaware River to gain some control of it. In 2023, the scribes and New Cambridge engineers figured out how to build naval vessels with big cannons and even flight decks for helicopters from the Air Corps. They also repaired some pre-war ships. Also in 2023, the Order of the Dust and its leaders traveled to a small town in New Jersey near Philadelphia that had a missile silo that still had nukes in it. They set up camp here. Arthur wanted to destroy Philadelphia with the nukes but they couldn't figure out how to work the facility. So in the meantime, the Order had to defend their position. They also attempted to wipe out local factions who were trying to stop the Order's interference in the area, including the Sons of Liberty and Capone Mafia.

By 2025, the Delaware tribes were helping the Sons of Liberty fight the Order of the Dust so they could focus on Davidson's Army more. Just before the Sons of Liberty invaded the Center City of Philadelphia where Davidson's base was, they got into the Order of the Dust's camp and forced the leaders and surviving military to leave. Baron Arthur didn't take the loss well.

Baron Crisis Edit

After the War of Philadelphia, Baron Arthur disappeared and was assumed dead. Some suspected Commander of the Order Mordred killed Arthur, because Mordred immediately seized the position of Baron. However, Arthur's Chief Advisor Mercott Everlin believed he should be the new Baron because Robert Sharp's successor was his Chief Advisor.

This split the Order and caused a civil war. There were the Mordreds, who believed that anyone should be able to pursue the position of Baron when one dies, and the Everlins, who believed that there should be a solid line of succession in the Order's leadership.

In 2027, the Everlins won, and Mercott Everlin became the next Baron. Mordred was executed.

Mercott Everlin Edit

Immediately after the Baron Crisis, Mercott Everlin wrote an official list of succession. Chief Advisor was first in line for succession, then Chief Scribe, then Commander of the Order, and then Head Knight. He also made several new rules for the Order. He said that every new member needs to take an oath. Everlin also attempted to unify the Order of the Dust, by solidifying and clarifying the beliefs and goals of the Order. Everlin firmly declared that the sole purpose of the Order of the Dust is to destroy oppressive government/tyranny, and that sometimes they must be harsh to reach that goal. He stated that there was little room for disagreement in the Order.

Everlin's Chief Advisor, Charles Young, had been accused numerous times, by the Order and the people of Boston, of having a deep hatred for those changed by radiation. He hated mutants, like some others in the Order, but he received a lot of backlash about his claims that all mutants are bad news and should be eradicated. Some even claimed that Everlin himself hated mutants, which he responded in saying, "In no way do I, or have I ever, expressed any hatred for mutated humans, and I wish to stress that just because I am friends with Mr. Young, does not mean I share his political views. We don't see eye to eye on everything." These claims earned the Order notoriety with the Church of Atomanity, who believed that mutants were holy beings who were chosen to be evolved experimentally.

Everlin's administration was a short one, for he died of radiation poisoning in 2028, giving him barely one year of time as Baron. But Everlin was an important leader, for he was firm in his beliefs, he was very persuasive and turned much of the Order to believe what he did. He brought the Order together, and put new rules into place to help enforce rules, keep things like the Baron Crisis or the situation with Thomas and Martin Arthur from happening again, and to make sure the Order would stop turning against itself.

Charles Young Edit

When Mercott Everlin died, Chief Advisor Young, of course, succeeded him. And with a Baron in power that hated mutated people, the Church of Atomanity began being legitimately concerned with the Order of the Dust. There had already been accusations from church members that the Order was the "Produs", an evil force dedicated to fighting the holy. Young stated, "The church is a loosely organized band of freaks making false accusations about me and my dear Order relating to a false religion thought up by some moron who thought bathing in radiation would be a good idea."

War with the Remnants of the U.S. Government Edit

Structure Edit

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Military Edit

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