Grand Collar Edit

The Grand Collar is the leader of the entire Order.

Collar Edit

A Collar is usually the leader of a smaller chapter within the Order of the Dust, including the Southern Chapter, Appalachian Chapter, and Midwest Chapter. The Grand Collar is always the Collar of the original New England Chapter. They serve as some of the highest ranking generals within the Order, commanding their chapter relatively independently from the Grand Collar.

Chief Advisor Edit

The Chief Advisor is the Grand Collar's second-in-command and his main advisor.

Commander of the Order Edit

The Commander of the Order is the second highest ranking military official in the Order, just under the Grand Collar.

Head Knight Edit

The Head Knight is the leader of the Knight Corps, and the commander of his own special team, known as the Head Knight Team. The Head Knight is considered to be the best warrior in the entire Order of the Dust.

Chief Scribe Edit

The Chief Scribe is the leader of the scribes within the Order.