Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Richard "Rich" Williams was born in Seaport on September 29, 1986. His parents were original settlers of the town. Rich's father, Johnny, was a greaser from Providence before the war. His mother, Abby Norton, was from Fenway City, and was involved in a greaser group in the area. His parents behavior and lifestyles showed in Rich.

In late 2000, Seaport was destroyed by the Chelsean Army. Nearly everyone died, including Rich's father. But him and his mother survived, and left to live in Fenway with the other greasers there.

Bostonian War Edit

In 2001, John Levi had a mission in the Fenway area. John was stopped by two buff men in a raider gang in the subway stations.

Richard Williams is a greaser born in Boston to Johnny Williams and Abby Norton. He would go on to help John Levi destroy the government of Chelsea. Many years later, he would be temporarily conscripted by Head Knight of the Order of the Dust David Moreau to save John Levi from rogue Knight Martin Arthur.

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