Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Robert Sharp was born in the Boston subway tunnels under Fenway not long after the Great War, on March 8, 1963. At the time, the tunnels were run by what later became known as the Fen Raiders. These criminals killed, stole from, and did whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted in these tunnels. Robert Sharp grew up in these conditions, and grew up with a hatred for tyranny and oppressive government. His parents were victim to murder by these destructive controllers.

In 1973, the people in the tunnels found out that the surface was now safe in most places. Sharp and his older sister Ellen assisted the rebels in the fight. The rebels moved into the ruins of Fenway Park and founded a city.

When Sharp turned 16, he was given an assault rifle by a retiring Fenway Army soldier who he had befriended during the rebellion in the tunnels. After this, Sharp began wandering the Boston metropolitan area. As an adult, he had frequent run-ins with the Chelsean Army. He believed that what Chelsea was doing to its people was weird and wrong. He was also one of few people who even understood what was happening in Chelsea.

Bostonian WarEdit

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