Ron Breckenridge was the 6th President of the Angel's Republic (Adaptionist). He was ultimately elected after the succession crisis which followed Eldridge's assassination. In his early presidency, he focused a lot on shaping the economy and battling inflation. In his later presidency, he made a deal with the conquered states (Baja, Nueva Sonora, Condecoración, Maverick, Cisco, Nevada, Hidalgo, and Mojave) that he would privately give money to these states without the approval of Congress. This landed Breckenridge in loads of trouble for failing to conform to the constitutional system. Breckenridge was impeached, tried for his crimes, and thrown in jail along with his Vice President Ignacio García and Secretary of the Treasury Kody Covington. Breckenridge was later accused of giving the states this money to fund their state militias in order to assist an upcoming uprising, rather than his original claim of attempting to bribe the states to avoid secession. Breckenridge was broken out of jail by the rebellion in 2026, and Breckenridge began helping the rebel cause.

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