Life Edit

Simon Rogers was born on August 30, 2009 in Portsmouth, Hampshire in the Anglo-French Federation. In 2012, his father left to join the Anglo-French Navy to fight against the Fourth Reich. Simon's mother was forced to take care of him alone. Simon's father died in the war in 2014. His mother began a battle with cancer in 2026.

Merchant Navy and Exploring America Edit

In 2028, Simon joined the Merchant Navy hoping to see more of the world, and make his fortune. He made several trips to cities along the American east coast; Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston, etc.

In 2031, Simon was hired by the Anglo-French government to lead a group to explore the rest of the American continent. Simon was sent with 32 other men and women, including his lieutenants Hendrick "Dutch" Visser and Edouard "French" Lelong. Soon after Simon left, his mother committed suicide.

Simon, Hendrick, and Edouard got their nicknames English, Dutch, and French from the government in order to identify where they were from. They landed in Charleston to begin their adventure across the old United States. Their goal was to reach California. In 2034, just months before the end of the Californian Civil War, the team was stopped by a Union patrol in northern Arizona. The Union Army sent Simon and his band to Hollywood to speak with President Kent Kingsley. Kingsley agreed to give a map of the west coast to the group for a sum of money.

The group waited until the end of the civil war before going home. On the way back home, the group stopped in Vegas. The Locatelli Mafia captured the group and slaughtered everyone except English, Dutch, and French. English saw good money in working for the Locatelli Mafia, so he agreed to. Dutch and French took the next opportunity to flee, and went to Angelica. There was no way they could get all the way back home without their militia.

Working for the Locatelli Mafia Edit

Simon did special jobs to make money for the Locatelli Mafia. Starting from March, 2040, he especially did work involving the Estatua Del Rey Matias. He worked across Arizona to keep the statue in the hands of the Locatelli Mafia.

Betrayal Edit

In June, 2040, Simon met Michael Baker as he began working for the Locatellis to get a hold of the statue. Simon and Michael worked together to get the statue, and Simon abandoned Michael and the mafia to keep the statue for himself. Simon sold the statue to a government-run museum in Angelica. While he was in Angelica, he had an unpleasant run-in with Dutch and French. The two took his journal, which mentioned he would move to Sacramento.

Michael Baker was sent by the mafia to find Simon and retrieve the statue. In September of 2040, Michael Baker met Dutch, who happened to still have Simon's journal. Dutch asked a favor of Baker before giving him the journal. Baker would soon catch up with Simon in Sacramento. Baker took Simon back to Vegas to be interrogated. Simon told Baker and the mafia that he sold the statue to a museum. The mafia forced Simon to work with Baker and another mobster, Jack Bianchi, to steal the statue back from the museum.

Before getting back to Vegas with Baker and Bianchi, Simon fled and moved to East Cascadia.

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