Skulljam (born as Gerhard Fritz Bauschinger on January 31, 1921 in Leipzig, Germany) grew up in the days of the Weimar Republic and the Great Depression, times of great economic distress in Germany. When the Nazi Party began to rise to power, he believed in their propaganda. When he became old enough, he joined the Waffen-SS. He would be sent to the 3rd SS Panzer Division to fight in the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union in 1940. When the Soviets captured Berlin in 1945, Bauschinger returned to Leipzig, his hometown.

Bauschinger lived quietly in Leipzig, keeping his past a close secret. After a few years, however, he couldn't stand to live under the communist regime of East Germany, and fled to West Germany through Berlin in 1950. From there, Bauschinger would live in Hamburg until moving to the United States in 1953. There, he would live in Boston up until World War III.

After the war, Bauschinger took on the nickname of Skulljam. In 1967, he met Gnash and his friends, and helped start his gang. Skulljam continued to keep his past hidden, even from his closest friends, as he worried they may resent his service in the German military.