The Treaty of New Phoenix was signed on November 15, 2068 to officially end the Californian Civil War. Nathan Causer was killed on November 3, and his armies surrendered to Angels Republic forces the day after. The CFS army surrendered in Reno on November 10.

The treaty was signed by the following people:

  • Kent Kingsley - President of the Angels Republic
  • Edward Fairchild - President of the Confederation of Free States
  • Horatio of Flagstaff - Second-in-command of Nathan Causer
  • Walter Young - President of the United States of New Deseret
  • Sahkyo Rock-Climber - Chieftess of the Navajo Confederacy
  • William Scott - Head General of the Angels Republic
  • Robert Babineaux - Head General of the Confederation of Free States

The treaty agreed end hostilities between all combatant nations, to re-integrate the rebel states into the Angels Republic, to shatter the Causer Empire, and recognize 8 nations carved from the territory of the Causer Empire, including the United States of New Deseret and the Navajo Confederacy (the territory of the other 6 nations would be later decided in the Arizona Council, which was attended by the Angels Republic, New Deseret, and the Navajo Confederacy). The treaty also agreed that the Angels Republic would contribute troops to enforce the new boundaries in Arizona, a very unpopular agreement within the Republic.

Isaac North, Kent Kingsley's successor, followed the guidelines of the treaty and enforced the territorial boundaries in Arizona. Tyler Belmont, inaugurated in 2074, decided that the Republic was spread too thin as it was, and re-assigned the troops in Arizona to forts in the Republic's actual territory. The choice was popular in the Angels Republic, but not in the Navajo Confederacy or New Deseret. The withdrawal of troops led to war, genocide, and general strife in the region.