First in service in early 1962, the USS Enterprise was the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. The ship was also the United States Navy's largest aircraft carrier. The ship was first used to respond to the Soviet Union's building of nuclear missile launch sites in Cuba. It was one of the five aircraft carriers sent by President John F. Kennedy to set up a blockade in an attempt to stop the Soviets from sending offensive weapons to Cuba. This blockade was unsuccessful however, and President Kennedy decided to invade Cuba.

Following the invasion of Cuba, nuclear war broke out. The USS Enterprise was sent back to its port in Norfolk, Virginia when the bombs started flying. The ship hadn't docked before it was commanded to go back to sea and defend the USS Northampton (CLC-1), which was carrying President Kennedy and Vice President Johnson. The USS Independence (CV-62), another carrier from the blockade, had received the same orders. These two ships were the only carriers to end up surviving the war. The Enterprise and Independence remained in service even after the war, and ended up playing vital roles in Continuity of Government.

The Enterprise was usually called upon when someone was declared a threat to the goals of the A.G.C. The ship was deployed to support the base set up in Greenville, South Carolina against troops of the New Confederate States of America. Marines were sent into Charleston, and seized the city from N.C.S.A. control, while the ship stayed behind to blockade the city and providing air support. Despite doing great damage to the state of New Carolina, and ultimately capturing the nation's major merchant seaport, Charleston, the cause to protect Greenville was ultimately lost, so the Enterprise was sent back to port in Norfolk for further assignments.

The Enterprise was also used to fight the Order of the Dust. The Enterprise would be used to stage an invasion of Cape Cod. Soon after, the Order would send soldiers on board the ship undercover to induce a meltdown in the nuclear reactor. The carrier and smaller ships around it would be destroyed.