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Experiments Edit

Henry G. Davison (known as Davidson) studied a science called sociology before the war, the study of human society. He predicted that a nuclear war involving Cuba would occur soon after the Cuban Revolution. Davidson got together with some friends,companies, and politicians to fund the construction of underground fallout shelters to hold up to 300 people around the Philadelphia area. Davidson appointed many people to these shelters to watch over how society develops in these shelters under different circumstances and carry out social experiments.

Sons of Liberty Edit

In one of Davidson's shelters, Bunker 13, it was made sure that American society would be preserved, teaching children the principles of liberty and allowing weapons to be brought into the shelter. The people in this shelter were told to leave the shelter in 2015, 53 years after the war. When they emerged, they saw that Davidson had built giant walls around the city to separate each "District", where different experiments were being conducted. Davidson also hired thousands of mercenaries to sustain his own community in the Center City and to keep each District in line. In District 13 in 2017, the Sons of Liberty were born, who rebelled against the power of Davidson's Army.

Invasion of Trenton Edit

In 2019, Davidson was looking for supplies to fight the war, as he realized he would need more. So Davidson ordered his mercenaries to invade Trenton, the home of Allan Capone and his mafia. The mercs made it out with some supplies, but now Davidson had to fight a war with Capone's mob. The Sons of Liberty already dislike Capone's mafia, and refused to work together, which caused problems between the two groups.

The Order of the Dust Interfere Edit

In 2021, the Order of the Dust, a group dedicated to killing tyranny, learned about Davidson's actions in Philadelphia. In 2023, the Order moved into the area to fight Davidson. However, everyone else in the area hated the Order of the Dust because of rumors, so the Order had to fight the Sons of Liberty, the Mafia, and even locals, who all thought that the Order should stop meddling in their affairs. The Order built a camp in an old missile silo in New Jersey close to Philadelphia, and planned to destroy the city with the nukes. Major groups like the Sons of Liberty knew this and knew the Order had to be stopped before they could figure out how to work the facility.

Strategy Edit

Davidson's Strategy Edit

Sons of Liberty Strategy Edit

Order of the Dust Strategy Edit

Capone's Strategy Edit

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