World War III (also called the Great War or Hot War) was a worldwide conflict which lasted no more than two hours. It was the first and last war in which nuclear weapons were used as the primary weapon of both sides.

Background Edit

World War II Edit

World War II began in 1939, when the armies of Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. The United Kingdom and France declare war on Hitler's Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union also invaded Poland, but later in the war, Hitler betrayed the Soviets. Germany, Italy, and Japan (all of which had plans to conquer much of the world) made a pact so that the three countries would leave each other alone. This "alliance" would become known as the Axis.

When Japan attacked the United States naval port in Honolulu, Hawaii called Pearl Harbor, the U.S. joined the fight against the Axis powers.

In Europe, the U.S., U.K., and other Allied powers invaded Nazi territory from the west, while the Soviet Union invaded from the east. Eventually, in May of 1945, the Soviets captured Berlin. In Asia, the U.S. moves through the Pacific island by island. After the Battle of Berlin, the Soviets invaded Manchukuo (a Japanese puppet state in Manchuria). The U.S. invaded Japanese-controlled Korea from the south, and the Soviets from the north.

Finally, in August of 1945, the United States and the United Kingdom dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. One on Hiroshima, and one on Nagasaki. The atom bombs were a secret project led by the United States in order to create a super weapon to use in the war. This event would change the world - forever.

Cold War Edit

Following World War II, the United States and Soviet Union emerged as the world's two remaining superpowers, and they found themselves in rivalry. The world would, for the most part, fall into one of two categories: communist or anti-communist. The United States, western Europe, and the territory which they gained made up the Western Bloc. The Soviet Union, eastern Europe, and their territory, made up the Eastern Bloc.

In the 1950s, the rivalry escalated. Both sides had captured German scientists, who had been doing research on atomic weaponry. The Soviets obtained such weaponry, and each side were involved in an Arms Race. They competed for the best military, and nuclear arsenal. The world was under constant threat of nuclear war.

From 1953 to 1959, a revolution raged in the island nation of Cuba (about 100 miles from U.S. shores). After the revolution led by Fidel Castro had taken control of Cuba, the country became communist and joined the Eastern Bloc. The U.S. invaded Cuba in 1961 in an attempt to throw Castro from power, but failed. This put a huge strain on relations.

The Cuban Missile Crisis Edit

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