Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Yankee was born without a name on February 27, 1990 in Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. Just after his birth his parents died, and his uncle took care of him. They traveled south, and his uncle was killed by raiders in northern Georgia in 1995. Yankee fled to Atlanta, which was under the authority of the New Confederate States.

The state of Georgia under the New Confederate States was one of the 3 out of 6 states that allowed slavery. When Yankee got to Atlanta, he was picked up by a teenage girl from the wealthy slave-owning Miller family. The Miller family adopted the child, and gave him the name Yankee because of his accent. The Millers gave him a home and sent him to school to get an education.

Yankee befriended a black slave boy his age named Simon. Yankee introduced Simon to books that he read at his school, and secretly taught him to read, even though it was illegal. The two would eventually begin to read books together. As they grew older, and got their hands on certain books, they began to realize the dark morality of slavery. Yankee secretly became involved with the Second Underground Railroad, which freed slaves, and helped Simon escape in 2005. Yankee and Simon traveled together and got to Boston in 2007. When the two turned 18, they joined the Order of the Dust together.

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